Card of the Day: 2011 Bowman Draft Salvador Perez rookie card

I bought a few packs of 2011 Bowman Draft at Target a few days ago and came across this Salvador Perez rookie card.  While sitting at a red light, I started thumbing through some of the base cards and reading the “Up Close” portion of cards.

There are a few I want to point out at a later time, but this one made me smile.

Perez was the person responsible for breaking up then-Oakland A’s pitcher Guillermo Moscoso’s no-hitter on Sept. 7, 2011.  Who cares, right?

Well, me.

I was at that game with my daughter.  It was her first game, a journey that I detailed right here.

The fact that Perez’s gem-spoiling hit is chronicled on this card is pretty damn cool.  I might just have to add this to my daughter’s scrapbook.

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