Thrift Treasures XXXIX: T-U-R-T-L-E Power!

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, no he didn’t just drop a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reference on a baseball card blog.”

You bet your ass I did.

The turtles are back!  Well, in my collection anyway.

I made some thrift store rounds earlier this week, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know I found a pretty sweet bag of vintage cards which I will blog about in the very near future.

But not less than 30 minutes after I found those items at one thrift store on the south side of town, I found a massive stash of cards at a vintage store on the north side of town.

And they were for sale for a nickel a piece.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because this is the thrift store where I’ve found dozens of cards in the past.  They usually just chuck all the cards into some cardboard box or plastic container and let whomever have their pick.

Sometimes I am the first person to get to them; sometimes I am the last.  Judging by the 20 cards I scored for a buck on this day, I’d say I was probably the second or third person to hit these mounds.

With that, I present the 20 treasures that have been added to my collection:

1989 Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stickers #1 and #8

Gotta lead with what brought us the dance — Turtles.

I like(d) Turtles.  Not turtles like this kid, but these Turtles.  These were cool dudes back in the day.  I dug the movies, the video games and cartoons.  I even had a few toys and cards.  But not until this day did I ever own a TMNT sticker.

Cowabunga, dudes!


My one regret from my thrift trip was buying this Madonna ProSet Super Stars card instead of the Yo! MTV Raps Vanilla Ice card.  The Ice Man would have gone perfectly with the Turtle stickers.

But I chose Madonna for the hell of it.  I already own the Vanilla Ice card, along with damn near every other Yo! MTV Raps card.  Anyone got a lead on the three I need for my set?


1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre rookie card

This Favre rookie was actually in the first fist full of cards that I picked up from the boxes.  Along the way I found traces of a 1991 Stadium Club football box that had been opened and I kept waiting to uncover a Favre. Sadly there was none.  And on that note, this was the only Favre.  Classic card.


1991 Classic Basketball Draft Picks certificate of authenticity.

Speaking of Classic … how bad does a set have to be that the one and only card I decided to buy for a nickel is the certificate of authenticity?  I LOVED these certificates of limited edition.  Why?  Because nothing says limited like 450,000 sets produced.

Speaking of bad …

Ultra inserts.  Bleh.  I dig those red top loaders though. Totally worth a nickel each.


1991 Upper Deck Joe Montana

Dude!  LOVE this card.  The large Upper Deck poster version of this triple exposure card was pretty bad ass back in the day, too.  Can’t pass on this for a nickel.


1991 Upper Deck Steve Young

I like this card because it shows Steve as a backup to the aforementioned Montana.  Nothing says backup like having your helmet resting on its side.  Too bad this guy never turned out to be any good.  Oh wait …


Can’t pass on a few Michael Jordans, can we?

1991-1992 Upper Deck Michael Jordan All Star

1991-1992 Upper Deck Classic Confrontations Magic Johnson vs. Michael Jordan

1991-1992 Skybox Bulls Starting Five

One of these guys is not like the other …


A quick break in the action for some random non-sport items.

1993 Dynamic Creator's Universe Family Fusion foil chase card #1 Syvil

Not much of a comic card guy, but I do buy the chase/insert cards when I find them this cheap because you never know who will want it.

My kids LOVE Toy Story … I’ll give these to them after this post hits the ‘Net.


 OK, back to sports …

2004-05 Topps All-Star Support Tim Duncan / Kevin Garnett

2003-2004 Upper Deck LeBron James box set #10


And now, the top 2 cards from the haul…

1990 Action Packed Rookie Update Jeff George

Was there anything bigger in 1990 football than Jeff George AND Action Packed? Twenty-two years later we laugh, but this was a killer combination back then.  Still an epic card.

1993-1994 Upper Deck SE Johnny Kilroy special

And last but not least, Mr. Johnny Kilroy.  This guy was a stud.  Never seen anyone perform like him.  Such an epic player, a sure bet Hall of Famer.  He had mad hops.  He actually reminded me a bit of Michael Jordan …

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