A package of brotherly love

The other morning before work I spent five minutes browsing eBay at 5 a.m., something I had not done in quite a while.  And what I stumbled upon was a sweet auction containing rookie cards of brothers Jim Perry and Gaylord Perry.

Jim was a pretty decent pitcher in his day, but he was not nearly as good as his Hall of Fame brother Gaylord.

Nonetheless, the auction caught my eye for the following reasons: 1) both cards were graded by SGC, 2) I needed Jim Perry’s rookie for my collection, 3) I needed to replace a Gaylord Perry rookie that I once owned but sold.  That card was brutal.  It looked like Hercules from The Sandlot got a hold of it.

Obviously I won the auction  … for the low, low price of $13.50 shipped!

Pretty good score considering the Gaylord Perry rookie holds a book value of $80 and routinely sells by itself ungraded for more than I paid for both cards.

One Response to “A package of brotherly love”

  1. He shoots…..he scores. Nice snag.

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