An idea to recreate buzz for Topps Heritage

For more than a decade, Topps has been creating the Topps Heritage brand under the idea of releasing today’s stars using designs from yesteryear.

1963 Topps Pete Rose rookie card

The set was a hit when it hit shelves in 2001 and continues to be to this day.  People love the designs, the short prints, the notion of authenticity as it pertains to the way the original sets were produced.

But to some degree, the luster of Heritage has waned.  Not by much, but a tad.

But here is an idea that would have created all sorts of buzz for the product:

Make ONE box out of the entire hobby run full of original packs.

Can you imagine the type of hype this product would have if Topps had marketed the product telling collector’s that ONE box HOBBY box out of the entire run is full of 24 original 1963 Topps packs?

This means a shot at original, untouched Pete Rose, Willie Stargell and Tony Oliva rookies, as well as other true cardboard icons.

Now that’d be an amazing hunt.  Even better than cards made of gold.

2 Responses to “An idea to recreate buzz for Topps Heritage”

  1. I’d be surprised if Topps even had 24 untouched ’63 packs left. That would be ridiculously cool, though.

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