Topps puts collectors in an interesting situation for Pujols’ Angels cards

By now you know that the 2012 base Topps set features a super short print card of Angels’ first baseman Albert Pujols.  It is the first card to feature Pujols in an Angels uniform, even though Panini America released a card of Pujols in its 2011 Elite Extra Edition that lists him as playing for “Los Angeles.”

The Panini card, which merely showed Pujols in a red workout shirt, sells for about $1.

The basic Topps card, which features Pujols in Photoshopped uniform, sells for about $100.

Topps’ short print card is desired not only by hardcore Topps collector’s, but also people who want Pujols shown as an Angel.

But here is where things get interesting:  Topps’ new release of 2012 Topps Heritage also has Pujols as an Angel and it is NOT a short print.

There is a variation of the newly released Pujols Heritage card, but a basic Heritage Pujols card featuring him in an Angels uniform can be had for int he neighborhood of $2.

Wonder where you’ll be spending your money.

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