You’d think I was a Cubs fan …

Judging by some of my recent purchases, you’d probably think I was a Cubs fan.

I didn’t plan this, but as you can see from the images below, nine of the last ten cards added to my collection are autographs of players featured as Cubs.

Last week I was watching MLB Network’s “30 Clubs in 30 Days: Cubs.”  Not 30 minutes later I was randomly searching eBay when I came upon a poorly titled lot of Cubs auto prospects.  Got these eight cards for $36 shipped:

The three big autos in that lot are:

2009 Elite Extra Edition Brett Jackson auto

2011 Elite Extra Edition Matt Szczur auto /100

2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Javier Baez auto

Any one of those three top prospect cards  could have sold alone for the price I bought the entire lot.  That’s a win.

And in a separate transaction I acquired a card I’d been chasing for two years:

2010 Bowman Chrome Starlin Castro auto BGS 8.5

Sure, it’s a BGS 8.5, but do you not think that a lot of raw cards aren’t?  This is why I like BGS 8.5 … they sell for less than raw copies and I don’t have to worry about a seller shipping it in a plain white envelope to save money. You won’t find a raw copy of this card with a clean signature for $45 shipped.  A BGS 8.5?  Maybe … if I don’t beat you to it first.

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