I can’t believe it took 17 years …

I can’t believe it took 17 years for this iconic image of Ken Griffey Jr. to me chronicled on cardboard.

Am I wrong?  Has this already been capture on a card?

I recently pulled this from a pack of 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen and was in awe when I saw it.  I remember being 15 when this play happened.  Griffey was probably the hobby’s biggest star and arguably the game’s top player when he went all-out and made one of the greatest catches I can remember, and probably of all time.

Griffey will be remembered for many things:

… being the face of Upper Deck for two decades.

… being one of the game’s greatest natural sluggers.

… being hurt in nearly every one of his final 10 seasons.

But this catch is his legacy.  THIS is what separates him from the rest of the games stars over the last 20 years.  Props to Topps for getting this documented on a card.


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