New Beckett Sports Card Monthly is a MUST read

I want you to forget everything you think you know about Beckett.


Now remember everything you know and remember about Beckett.

The times you rushed to the hobby shop or newsstand to find the latest copy just to see who was on the cover.

The times you quickly scanned through the magazine in search up and down arrows.

The times you read the magazine from cover to cover and actually studied the price guide as if there was going to be a quiz in the morning.

Beckett has changed over the years just as this hobby has.  And although the magazine’s standing in the hobby has gone from a necessity to an accessory that only some people still use, the product can still flip a switch and bring back memories in an instant.

Take the latest issue for example.

Whether or not you still use the price guide, I urge you all to at least read the latest issue, it’ll bring back so many memories of an era gone by.

This month’s Beckett Sports Card Monthly features articles and factoids about collecting in the 1990s.  And if you were around in the hobby back then, this issue is something you must see.

Reading this particular issue can be cathartic for collectors scorned by the state of today’s hobby.

And before some clown starts bagging on this post and calling me a shill for the magazine, this post is written with all sincerity. True, I have an article in the magazine, but even if you skip over my piece, the remaining articles are worth a read.  If for no other reason than to reaffirm the reason you loved collecting when you were younger.

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