2012 Bowman football: The ugliest base Bowman product I’ve ever seen

Listen, I love Bowman.

I know that.  You know that. Hell, even Topps knows that.

But 2012 Bowman football might be the ugliest base Bowman set I’ve ever seen in any sport.

An argument could be made for the veteran cards having a slightly higher-quality appearance due to the fact that they are basically a rip off of Triple Threads.  But the cards are flimsy, the colors look muted and overall they look nothing like any other base Bowman card I’ve seen before.

And when it comes to the rookie cards, there is NO ARGUMENT that can be made in their favor.  It’s evident that Topps wanted to compete with the lesser brands like SA-GE.  And in the end what Topps wound up creating was a mockery of a product, one that doesn’t deserve the Bowman name.

People will buy the stuff based on the brand name alone — hell, it got me to buy a single rack pack … and I don’t even collect football.  But I can’t see this product holding much value in the secondary market.  You’d better off waiting for basic Topps.



One Response to “2012 Bowman football: The ugliest base Bowman product I’ve ever seen”

  1. gavin lindset Says:

    I love the cards

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