Facepalm: 2012 Topps Jose Reyes & Albert Pujols

Back in March when Topps released Series One of its annual card set, the card manufacturer introduced us to the first Albert Pujols card featuring him in an Angels uniform, and the first Jose Reyes card showing him as a Miami Marlin.  The cards were extremely short printed and each was fetching upward of $100.

2012 Topps Series Two Jose Reyes and Albert Pujols

Within the last two weeks, Topps’ Series Two hit shelves.  Naturally I bought a few packs.  And within the first five packs I bought I pulled both a Pujols and a Reyes.

Are they the same as the Series One cards?  No.  But they do have the same card numbers (Pujols 331/Reyes 332).  The only real differences are that Topps used different photos on the short printed versions in Series One and limited their quantities, and because of that, obtaining the Series One cards will still cost you close to $100 each, where as the Series Two cards might … might … cost you 100 pennies.

There are a lot of ways to view the whole business of “super” short prints. Personally, I see them as hidden lottery tickets — they’re kind of senseless to me, especially in this case because we knew that Topps was going to release more common versions of Reyes and Pujols.  However, I don’t mind the super short prints too much because I’m more than willing to cash in on the payday if I pull one.

Pujols was card No. 331 and Reyes was 332.

Topps’s Series Two set was released within the last week and in this pr

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