Beckett $10 Card Shop Challenge Entry. Gold auto and a “Perfect” auto

Every so often over the last two years, Chris Olds over at Beckett has thrown a challenge at collectors to see what they can dig up for a set price point.  Most recently, the magazine editor threw this challenge out at the $10 level.

Well, after a crazy busy week at work I finally made my trip to the card shop and managed to gather two cards for the entry.  Each of these was located in a binder in which all cards were priced $5.I kinda dig my entry …

Who cares about a Karim Garcia auto, right?  Well, did ya notice the color of the ink? That’s gold baby.  These gold autos were seeded 1 in 1,509 packs.   And while Karim Garcia never turned out to be a major star, he managed to stay relevant for about a decade, and continues to play in his native Mexico.

Before that was Matt Cain, there was Philip Humber. Funny how quickly we forget the great accomplishments of baseball.  Dude, a true Humber rookie that is autographed and serial numbered to less than 1,000 copies should not be sitting in a binder for $5 at this point since he hurled one of only 22 perfect games in the history of baseball.  But since the card was in the “crap” binder, I thank you, Lefty’s Sports Cards and Collectibles of Burlingame, Calif.

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