Hey, kid. Want 5 packs? “No … I want more.”

Short story time.

So I’m out at the card shop hunting for my Card Shop Challenge entry and a mother and son, probably about 8 years old, walks in.

The card shop owner greets the mom and kid, and asks if they need help.

Mom asks if he has any “Series 2 cards.”

Owner replies yes, and starts telling her about full jumbo boxes, hobby boxes and retail boxes.

Mom asks how much.

Owner says some prices, which obviously make mom cringe.

Mom asks if he has single packs.

Owner says, “Of course … just $2.25 per.”

Mom looks at kid and says, “Well, do you want a few?  I mean you already have a lot of those already.”

Son gets pouty and starts ho-humming.

Mom says, “OK, how about five?”

Kid gets pouty again.

Then he pauses.

“No … I want more.”

At this point, I expect mom to grab the brat by the arm and march the hell on out of the store.

Didn’t happen.

Smart shop owner says, ” Well, ya know if you buy 10, you can have them for $22.50.”

Funny because he’s presenting this notion like they’re getting a deal … and mom buys it.

Kid’s face lights up, mom gives in and shop sells 10 packs just like that.


I have two kids, I’m not a perfect parent.  But damnit, the minute a kid starts with that “I want more” nonsense, we’re gonna go talk somewhere and I’m not letting some retailer talk me into spending twice as much as originally wanted.

In my opinion, that kid gets five packs or nothing.  And the minute that employee starts with that “I’ve got a deal for you” chatter, he’s gonna get a death stare.

5 Responses to “Hey, kid. Want 5 packs? “No … I want more.””

  1. That is pretty nuts.

    A) My folks only ONCE took me into a card shop that I can remember (a good experience!) and B) thereafter gave me a few ducats and sent me in on my own.

    That is, there was no “I want more” or any of that. I had a budget of X and anything beyond was just beyond, period.

    • I grew up literally across the street from a card shop — I was there daily. Didn’t mean I always bought stuff, but I was there.

      Parents usually gave me $5 or $10 to do whatever I wanted every few weeks. Otherwise it was up to me to go collect bottles and cans to support my cardboard habit.

  2. He would’ve lost me when he started talking about boxes first. The guy at my card shop does this. People are on budgets. Everyone knows this. If they want a box, they will ask for a box. Otherwise they’re looking for just some packs when they ask “Any Series 2 cards?” Cardshop dealers have to stop with the car salesman crap. It’s a real turn-off. I don’t even go there anymore.

    As for the kid, the number of parents who cave into their kids doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s an epidemic.

    • Yeah, the starting with full box sales is ridiculous. Obviously she is not there to buy a box. If she were, she’d tell you. Mom’s just don’t buy their kids full boxes. Especially not at price point of like $80. It’s June. This aint Christmas.

  3. My mom always set the expectation before we even walked in. Or gave me a set amount before we walked in.
    One shops we used to go to have discounts fr good grades , so it was fun to bring my report card to get more for our dollar. But card shop was always a treat- never a requirement.

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