Time for Bryce, but not Giancarlo

So, ever since Bryce Harper made his Major League debut on April 28, we’d been anticipating his first official rookie card. And shortly after Harper’s first at-bat, Topps made the announcement via Twitter that Harper would indeed be featured in its Series 2 product.

Twitterverse exploded with retweet after retweet, the story hit mainstream news and we waited until late in May when the Series 2 product hit the shelves.

Well, the Harper card is an unannounced super short print and damn near impossible to obtain via packs. If you want one, you’ll be paying well into triple figures. In my opinion, its status as a legitimate rookie card is in question. But that’s a whole other argument.

What even brings this to the forefront of my mind today is the pictured card.

Topps was the first to produce a Giancarlo Stanton card with his new given name, which he reclaimed over the off season. The first card with “Giancarlo” on it was Bowman, which was released nearly a month before Topps Series 2.

So, what did Topps give us for a Stanton card in Series 2?

Mike, of course.

Just find it amusing that all that effort went into pimping the 19-year-old baseball phenom and the company completely forgot to make a simple change on the Stanton card.

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