Rookie Card Upgrade: 1973 Topps Mike Schmidt / Ron Cey

For a long time, my philosophy on vintage rookie cards was that it was better to own one now — regardless of the condition — than save and wait for one that was in great shape.

Generally speaking, I still practice this this type of collecting. I figure it’s best to say I own a card than not.

And when it came time to purchase a 1973 Topps Michael Jack Schmidt (and Ron Cey) rookie card a few years ago, one with rounded corners would suffice so long as it was authentic.

For a good three years the one pictured above served as my Schmidt rookie.

That is until I found a better one of course.

Thanks to a bad auction title, I managed to upgrade from a Schmidt with rounded corners to one that looks like it was just pulled from a pack.  And once I sell the “authentic” one, the upgrade would have been achieved for less than triple figures.

You can see more Hall of Fame rookie cards here.

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