The Calm Before The Storm (The National Sports Collectors Convention)

You’ve probably noticed that things have been fairly quiet around here at Cardboard Icons.

Not a ton of insightful posts about recently released products.  Just a few Thrift Treasures posts over the last few weeks.

Why is that?

Well, it’s because I’ve been busy unloading items to clear some financial wiggle room for the National Sports Collectors Convention, which starts today in Baltimore and lasts through Sunday.

As I noted on here before, I will be there — my first time attending the show.  My first day at the show will be Thursday.

But what I did not reveal in my earlier post about this subject is that I will be there as a Contributing Writer for Beckett Media.  I’ve been asked to assist in the coverage of the event — I should have a post on for each day of the event with the first article hitting the Web on Friday.  That said, the subject of those pieces will remain unannounced until they are live on the Web.

So stay tuned, check for pieces by myself as well as other authors.  You can also follow me on Twitter @cardboardicons. I’ll be tweeting throughout the event documenting some of the items I see; facts I’ve learned and of course the treasures that I hope to uncover at the show.

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