Rookie Card Showcase: 1949 Bowman Johnny Pesky

This is part 21 of an ongoing series. To see the rest of this series, click here.

Don’t ask why it took so long for me to own this card.

I’ve been a Red Sox fan since 1988, the year in which I basically had to decide which team I wanted to cheer for.

I knew who Johnny Pesky was.

I knew what he meant to the Red Sox organization.

I knew that I needed this card for my Rookie Card Collection.

Yet it was not until Pesky died on Aug. 13, 2012, that I decided I absolutely had to own the card immediately.

Say what you want about that buying strategy — I actually snapped it up before word of his passing was wide spread so that helped with the cost — but fact is I own it now.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Pesky.

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