Rookie Card Showcase: 1999 Bowman Chrome Adam Dunn

This is part 24 of an ongoing series. To see the rest of this series, click here.

There are some cards you’ve always wanted to own, and for one reason or another, it takes several years to obtain them.

One example for me is this 1999 Bowman Chrome Adam Dunn rookie card.

Bowman Chrome was a huge success in 1999.  The two-series set featured dozens of rookie cards that were a huge deal at the time.  Arguably, none of them was bigger than Dunn’s.

Dunn has always been seen as a major power threat.  And now some 14 years after his first appearance on cardboard, Dunn is primed to eclipse the 40-homer mark again, and recently slugged his 400th career homer.

When he was considered a prospect, Dunn’s Chrome card was a routine seller in the neighborhood of $10-$12, with outliers of $15-$20 for this basic card.

What about these days?

You should be able to snag these for less than $5.

I got mine for mere pennies thanks to a lot of 20 cards I recently purchased on eBay for $1.98 from a seller in Canada.  The kicker?  The seller offered free shipping.

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