Can’t pull one, might as well buy one

Over the last three weeks, I’d been taking a step back in the time machine and reliving memories of my early collecting days.  This road down memory lane included the purchases of two 1992 Score Series 2 boxes to take an extremely LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG shot at pulling any of the four 1992 Score Franchise Autographs, cards that were signed by Carl Yastrzemski, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, or all three.

That quest included a very cool memorable pull of an unsigned Musial card, which was the same exact card I pulled in 1992 when I was 12.  You can see the “dramatic” reveal in this video.

But that fun and inexpensive jaunt through two decades of every-changing baseball card technology history really made me want to own the signed version of the Musial.

True, I am a rookie card collector, but I have a soft spot for once-unattainable cards of my youth.  One of my favorite sets (or series of insert sets) is the Elite Series cards from 1991-1993.  I’ve started my photo gallery of the ones I own here.

Anyhow, back to Musial.

Despite the horrific odds of actually pulling the autograph of Musial — or Yaz or Mick — the cards are pretty affordable considering they are one of the first true pack-seeded certified autographs. So I set out to buy a Musial and I did.  And when it arrived on Thursday, I was even more delighted to see this note attached to the interior packaging:

Amazing.  So I am getting this gorgeous card from the ORIGINAL owner?!  I’ve got to send this eBay seller a message asking him to write me a few paragraphs about his experience pulling this card. And when — if — he responds, I will publish it here.

A quick word of warning though.  If you’re out to buy one of these for yourself, please … PLEASE … make sure it is a certified copy issued through Score and not Score BOARD.  The REAL, pack-seeded cards look like this on the back.  They are hand-numbered in black calligraphy pen. Adds to an awesomeness if you ask me.

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