Update for Project Prism: The Question for `The Elite Series’

Back in May, I officially declared my quest to complete the 1992 and 1993 Donruss Elite Series sets.  Well, over the last few months I managed to pick up a few that I needed, and decided to chase the inaugural set, the 1991 series, as well.

While the 1991 set is not as visually (over)stimulating as the 1992 and 1993 sets, it is a set full of legends and is the first part of this series.  How could I NOT include it as well? That said, I’ll also seek the 1994 and beyond series sets later, but these early ones take priority.  I’m not only chasing the basic Elite Series cards from 1991-1993, but also the Signature Series and Legends Series as well.

So I’ve acquired these five: 1991 George Brett, Rickey Henderson and Legends Nolan Ryan; 1992 Legends Rickey Henderson; and 1993 Barry Bonds.

I’ve also decided to toy with the notion of pulling them from boxes. As you know, they were damn near impossible to pull in 1991 and 1992, and somewhat (not really) easier by 1993.

On Wednesday I bought a box of 1991 Donruss for $8.50. A box of this stuff never looked so good.

Well, I’d hoped to open a pack and see this.

But I had no such luck.  Just a bunch of blue cards.

Anyway, I’ve created a separate page to document what I have in this Elite Series set. You’ll notice that I have listed names under the year header.  Those are the ones I need.  The ones that are underlined are ones that I have already acquired and are waiting to arrive.  Have something I need?  Shoot me a tweet on Twitter @cardboardicons or email cardboardicons@yahoo.com.

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