Thrift Treasures 54: Is that `Mr. Hockey’ Gordie Howe’s signature?!

For the first time in nearly half a year, I was able to get to the monthly community college flea market with my family. And, the wait was well worth it.

This particular flea market is really hit and miss for my collecting purposes.  I’ve found some pretty cool sports items here before.  Probably the most notable being a 1964 Topps Giants Sandy Koufax SP for $1, or perhaps the 1957 Gillette Baseball Encyclopedia I snagged for a buck a few years back.

But I think I may have trumped both of those this weekend.

There is a dealer at this flea market who sells sports and non-sports cards.  I’ve seen him before.  Most of his inventory is stuff from the mid 1990s, no joke.  Well, today he was blowing stuff out like crazy.

I dug through a bunch of stuff, and while things were cheap, I managed to stay focused and bought only items I felt I “needed” to own at his discount prices.

We’ll start with a pair of uncut promo Topps baseball sheets from 1992 and 1993.  These were a quarter each.

Sticking with the promo these, I saw this case and figured I had to own the cards for the $4 price tag.

There was a mix of Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, and Pinnacle brand promo cards for football, baseball and basketball.   See images of them below:

But of course that was not all.  Did you miss the title of this hear post?!

So just as I was ready to walk away with my small haul, I checked one final area that seemed to have non-sport items.  The first thing I saw was a San Jose Sharks Commemorative hockey puck in a display case for $10.  PASS.  But next to it was a Detroit Red Wings puck with some silver ink on top, a looping signature that was instantly identifiable as none other than “Mr. Hockey,” Gordie Howe! Oh, and it had a post-it attached to it with an $8 price tag.

W …. T…. F…?????!!!!!!!!!

For a second I thought I was holding a forgery, or another crappy commemorative puck.  I mean it’s just in this plastic case.  No box.  No certificate of authenticity.

Then I flipped it over …

That shiny silver thing is indeed an”old school” Upper Deck Authenticated hologram. The signature is real, boys! That’s a hell of a score for under $10.

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