Thrift Treasures 55: 120+ year-old card at antique store

Earlier this week, my wife and I made a trip to a local town to hit the antique and thrift stores.  We spent six hours bouncing in and out of stores.  She did a lot of spending; I did a lot of looking and lamenting at what could have been if I looked around just one more corner, or on one more shelf.

In the end, I wound up with just three cards on the day.  I had more lucrative trips than this one, but what I found was pretty cool.



We’ll get these two afterthoughts out of the way real quick.  In the second store I found a box of cards where everything was priced for a quarter each.  Lots of commons. LOTS of commons.  But I found a 1987 Fleer Mitch Williams rookie and n ball 2000 Pacific Backyard Baseball Cal Ripken Jr.  Price for these treasures: 50 cents.

And just two stores down the street I came across this 1889 Allen & Ginter Types of All Nations Syria card priced at $5.

tt55syriafronttt55syriabackIt’s not really a baseball card, but it is a trading card from a cigarette card set that has seen some increased interest in the last five years due to Topps’ stroll down memory lane with its version of Allen & Ginters World Champions.  Kinda bummed it’s Syria and not Portugal, which is the country from which my wife’s family hails.  Of course I see that Mr. Brony showcased a Portugal card just like this six years ago.

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