Thrift Treasures 57: A 99-year-old Mini Giants Blanket and 52 Topps card


April 6 marked the first Saturday of the month, which of course meant that one of the local community colleges was having its monthly flea market.

I made the jaunt, despite the occasional sprinkle, and it paid off. I spent about 90 minutes at the flea market, spent $9 on four cards and an old piece of cloth.

Ready to see the loot?

One dealer had a box of cards with everything marked at $1 each. Not bad. Had some solid mid 70s stars in decent condition, and some 1951/1952 Bowman commons. But I’ve got my fill of those. He also had a bunch of cards for local teams such as the A’s, Giants, Raiders and Niners.

I could have bought more, but I played it safe and went with these four: 1992 Pacific Picks The Pros Gold joe Montana, 1997 Inscriptions Jerry Rice insert, 1998 Studio Silver Press Proof Rickey Henderson, and 1952 Topps Gene Hermanski Red back.

The Hermanski was a no-brainer, the others seemed like good cards to flip via COMC.

A short while later I came across a dealer who had some cards at his booth. Nothing real special. But in his display case he had a 1914 B18 Ed Grant Blanket. I asked how much, he said $5. I couldn’t open my wallet fast enough. The seller said he had a bunch more earlier in the day but sold them for $10 each. At least I got one to keep me warm.





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