The Topps Big League Mini Collection; need your help

So a few weeks ago I wrote a story (fictional) about Lil’ B Weezy, the first Topps Mini Big league figure that I pulled from a pack. The story was written and entered into a contest in which the prize was an unopened box of Topps Big League mini figures. Needless to say, the story took home the grand prize.

My kids and I opened the box this week, and it yielded 20 different figures, including two variants — a white jersey Bryce Harper and a red jersey Albert Pujols.

Anyhow, even with the box, we’re about six figures shy of the entire base set. There are 28 figures in the basic set; we’ve for 22. We have an extra Roy Halladay and *Derek Jeter to trade.

If you’ve got any variants (especially the Pablo Sandoval panda figure) or any of the ones we’re missing, we’re looking to trade one of the doubles. I’ll even consider trading cards if necessary.

We’re missing:
Justin Verlander
Dustin Pedroia
Matt Kemp
Adrian Gonzalez
*Miguel Cabrera
Stephen Strasburg
Jose Reyes


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