Thrift Treasures 65: Ripken Jr. signed book for 99 cents

Still playing catchup on some TT posts, we’ll go with this one real quick. A month or so ago I was digging through the book section at one of the local thrift stores and found a paperback book documenting Cal Ripken Jr.’s career. The book was authored by Ripken and a writer.

I’ve documented here before that I do look through the book section at stores because every now and then you’ll find a signed book. A a general rule of thumb though, I typically don’t bother with paperbacks.

Well, something made me pick this up and thumb through a few pages. And sure enough, some four pages, there’s some ink — a live Cal Ripken Jr. Autograph for less than a buck.

If my name was Matt, I’d be in heaven …

Total cost for this Thrift Treasure: 99 cents



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