Thrift Treasures 69: Mem cards, a Lemieux rarity and a box of rocks

Usually when I find card at thrift stores, they are usually tattered cards from the 80s and 90s that mildly entertain me as I wait to stumble across my next true treasure.  Well, Friday brought me some good fortune in a form that I’d never seen before at a thrift store.


Among the toys stuff in plastic bags were three “bricks” of hockey cards that were being sold for $1.49 each.  This actually is a pretty typical find in stores around here.  Baggies filled with 90-91 score or similar type cards that sit forever. But as you can see from the picture above, one of them actually had a memorabilia card on the front of the bag, and another had a serial numbered Mario Lemieux also showing — this is not typical. There was a third that didn’t have anything remarkable showing, but I figured it was worth a shot since the three bags collectively would cost me less than $5.

I won’t go through every detail of what was in bags, but I’ll touch on the highlights.  There were 17 1993-94 OPC Premier gold parallels, two sealed packs of 1993-94 OPC Premier — one had a Wayne Gretzky base and each had a gold, bringing the total to 19 — there were two 1993-94 OPC Premier Team USA inserts (these were seeded 1:12), and a handful of rookie cards and inserts.  Like I said, no need to delve into the meaningless details there when there are three actual highlights from the baggies.

So I started with the “mystery” baggie, the one that had nothing showing, and int he middle of the stack of cards was a dual mem card, a 2001-2001 Upper Deck Chasing The Cup Brenden Shanahan, featuring a white swatch (with what looks to be a seam) and a red swatch.


The second one I opened was the multi-relic baggie.  I could see a Jerome Iginla single-color white swatch and a Valeri Bure two-color red/yellow swatch showing.  What I didn’t know was that this was a quad-mem card from 2001 Heads Up. The reverse has swatches for Marc Savard white with silver pen marks (probably part of a signature) and a single-color red swatch for Rico Fata.


And the third baggie had the back side of a Mario Lemieux card, with a serial number 122/149 showing.  The card turned out to be a 2001-02 Pacific Retail Limited parallel,  which obviously was limited to just 149 copies.  Not super rare, but rare enough to still draw interest.


So that’s that … well, wait.  Look at the title of this post. What’s that “box of rocks” business?


This is not card related at all, but there is a slight connection to a parallel world, comics.  In a bag random items was this box clearly marked “Kryptonite Rock.” When I think of Krytonite I think of Superman.  I looked a little closer and saw that there was a “1977 DC Comics” sticker affixed to the rear.  I did a quick eBay search and saw instantly that these were indeed linked to Superman. The only difference between mine and the ones on eBay was the fact that the ones there had the Superman character actually on the wrapping. I decided to go ahead and buy it — figuring I could sell it for profit — since I was already in the green with the card purchases. As it turned out, there were three rocks inside the box, which appears to be customary. The rocks don’t glow at the moment, but the box boldly claims that they can be recharged in the sun.  Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?



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