Thrift Treasures 70: `National’ finds, Bargain Bin — Any item a buck #1

IMG_2283Well, I just got back from The National Sports Collectors Convention, which was held in Cleveland this weekend.  I was working for Beckett during the event, so I did not get a chance to sift through all of the bargains that were out there to be had.  It should be noted that I did notice quite a few people digging through dime and quarter boxes.  I love seeing this.  These are my favorites. Good for you guys.

Anyhow, I did manage to make a few minor purchases along the way. I”m going to break my finds up into some short posts so that they are easier to read.  In this one I will showcase three items that I acquired from an interesting dealer.  I managed to find this dealer in 2012 at the show in Baltimore, where I unearthed some fantastic autographed 3×5 cards as shown here.

Well, this time the seller had a ton, almost literally 2,000 pounds, of small paper items that were sports related.  There were lots of match book covers, sports schedules, bumper stickers, etc.  He also had a bunch of press photos and these photo sheets, shown below.

I could have spent the entire day at this booth, but I gave it about 10 minutes and located three press photo sheets that struck my fancy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the newspaper production process, allow me to share how these worked.  Before digital photography and digital layout programs, a lot of the newspaper design was done by hand.  Producers would cut the pictures, advertisements, etc. and lay them out on paper, using wax to adhere the items to mockups.  The mockups were then sent to the press room, where the items then were eventually etched into a plate, which was then used to produce the items that were delivered to the front door.  The process is a little more detailed than that, but you get the point.

At the beginning of each season, newspapers would receive player press packets which included pictures — mugshots — of the guys on the roster.  The mugshots then could be used for publication at any point during the season; designers would use a grease pencil to show how images should be cropped; and they crossed-out certain players on any given day to ensure that the right player’s image was being used with the story.  Having worked in newspapers before, I saw a lot of these.  But rarely would I see them outside of the newsroom.

Well, this dealer had a bunch of them.  Almost every team, from the late 1980s through the mud 1990s.  It was clear that some had already been purchased as many key players appeared to be missing.  But in my limited hunt I decided these were must-owns.

We start with the 1993 San Francisco Giants press photo that features on Barry Bonds.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I clearly remember what  big deal it was when the Giants acquired Bonds. Kind of neat to see a young Bonds on this photo, as well as Rod Beck and Bud Black, who is referred to as “Buddy” Black here.


Secondly, we’ll go with the 1990 Boston Red Sox photo, which highlights one Roger Clemens, my favorite player of all time.  1990 was a good and bad year for the Red Sox.  They won the American League East and went head to head against the Oakland Athletics in the American League Championship Series.  In that series, Roger Clemens was famously ejected from game in Oakland. Given that Clemens’ picture is the one the user of this item was focusing on, it’s fun to think that this sheet could have been used to create a story for that playoff game for some newspaper somewhere. Given these facts, and the inclusion of stars Mike Greenwell and Wade Boggs, it seemed like an item that had to come home from Cleveland.


And lastly, we have a 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers sheet that highlights Magic Johnson, but also includes some fantastic Lakers players from the 1980s, most notably Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy. The Lakers won the NBA title that season and the MVP of the regular season, as well as the NBA finals, was none other than … Magic Johnson, who was the person whom the designer wanted int he newspaper the next day.

IMG_2278I wish I had spent more time digging through these bins.  I really like these player photo sheets.

Total cost of these treasures: $3.

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