Just when I vowed to stop buying blasters …

So, upon returning from The National this week I basically told myself to stop buying blasters. Many of them could be found discounted at crazy levels at the show in Cleveland. Besides the odds are way longer than what they are in hobby.

Well, as I was out buying necessities for the house I found a card aisle with fresh blasters. The fiend in me told me to buy one of the Bowman Platinum, the stuff that case breakers were opening on the case break pavilion.

If you follow me on Twitter you already know how I did. If you don’t, take a look at this:


And there was another Abreu in the box, the die cut version. Incredible blaster.


One Response to “Just when I vowed to stop buying blasters …”

  1. Brian Dean Says:

    Nice Abreu card. Yeah I actually have all 8 now of that run ( 1/1 magenta plate, 1/5 Atomic, 3/10 Black, 4/15 Canary, 4/25 Red,
    3/35 Camo, 32/50 Gold and of course the Blue/199 one you pulled. Excellent card. Nice pull on that Correa by the way.

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