Rookie Card Upgrade: 1968 Topps Johnny Bench


I’ve come a long when in terms of quality for my Johnny Bench rookie. The first Bench rookie I acquired was a raw version that had ink on the back. I kept that for about a year and a half before I found a good deal on the SGC 60 (equivalent to a PSA 5/BVG 5) shown on the top picture here. I had all intentions on crossing it over to a BGS/BVG slab at some point but never got around to it. Then I found a nice deal on a BVG 7 that I could not resist.

The SGC card already has a new home with a good friend and collector, whom I have the Bench SGC for a price lower than I actually paid for it. So he wins.

And the Bench BVG looks amazing in person. Centered, good surface. Only issues are slightly soft corners. It’s a solid 7.

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