2015 Topps Macklemore card is my new “Wallet Card”

When 2015 Topps was released there was one insert card I had to own. Yes, it was a “First Pitch” insert card. But it was not “The Dude.” And it wasn’t 50 Cent. It was non other than Seattle rapper Macklemore. Why? Um … Have you not been reading Thrift Treasures?

Macklemore famously sang about thrift shopping a few years back and has become much bigger since the song was released and played out everywhere. It only seemed fitting that known the card.

A few weeks back a Twitter follower joked that one day I would find a Macklemore card on top of a Baggie of baseball cards at a thrift store. It literally made me laugh out loud … Because he’s probably right.

I went about three weeks ripping packs of 2015 Topps backs. I think I own enough Austin Mahone First Pitch inserts to decorate a bathroom, but it was not until today that I FINALLY pulled a Macklemore.

And wouldn’t you my next stop was … The thrift store. When I pulled up to the store I had a stroke of genius. I was not only going to enjoy my Macklemore card, but I was going to make it my new “Wallet Card,” the single card that I would carry in my wallet.

At this very moment Macklemore is resting comfortably, but it is only a matter of time before the card is bent and thrashed. And that’s OK. Because it’s fitting that the card LOOK like some that I have found at thrift store. It’ll be all good until the card starts smelling like R Kelly’s sheets …


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