Former Reds pitcher is “Easter egg” on 2015 Topps Archives Astros card

  I like to look at my baseball cards.  I mean I don’t meticulously pour over them like I did when I was younger, or like some other collectors, but I do like to look at the cards. I like looking at the players, the uniforms and their equipment.  I like to look at the stadiums and fans in the background. And of course the stats on back.  Because we all know that even though you’ve followed a team or player the previous year, there is something special about seeing the stats on the back of a baseball card.  

Well, today I was examining the 2015 Topps Archives card of Astros slugging youngster Jon Singleton.

The lefty played In 95 games last year in the Major Leagues and had 310 at-bats. He managed to hit 13 homers but tallied a ugly .168 Average in the process. He has started 2015 in the minors, where he’s still hitting homers.

I digress. At this point, Singleton is no longer a “rookie” by Major League standards. And surely Singleton has played parts of no less than five seasons on the minors so it’s safe for one to reason that he has his own equipment.

Which then leads to this Easter egg … Singleton is featured on his 2015 Topps Archives card holding a black Louisville Slugger bat featuring the name is former Reds pitcher Jimmy Haynes, who last pitched in the Majors in 2004 as a member of the Reds.

 How’s that for random?

Haynes retired with an ERA over 5.30, and at the plate he managed just 32 hits in 213 at-bats, good for a .150 Average.

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