Cardboard Icons the blog turns 7 Today

It started with Phil Rizzuto. 

On July 3, 2008, I launched this blog with a post about a card that I had always coveted, the 1951 Bowman Phil Rizzuto. 

Today, seven years after I penned that first entry SEEN HERE, that post remains one of my favorite entries on this site.

I haven’t been as active here in recent years, due in part to family and job obligations, but also because the method in which we communicate has changed. I spend more time sharing information, opinions and nonsense via Twitter, where you can find me @cardboardicons

I still love this blog and still pay for the domain name because it’s an extension of me. This is where I get to say whatever I want, whenever I want, and chronicle my collection. And if I’m lucky enough some of you may actually read my thoughts.

My blog is not the best. It’s not the most active. It’s not the most intriguing.

I do thank @badnewsramen who showed me the blogging platform way back when. His podcast mutascale is a fun listen. 

I also thank Mario Alejandro (@waxmorgue) at the former Wax Heaven for aiding in my initial exposure. 

And I do thank Chris Olds (@chrisolds2009) at Beckett for giving me an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream of being published in the very magazine in which I found the image of the aforementioned Rizzuto that inspired that first post.

And of course thanks again to all of you who end up reading this. I’ll keep plugging away when I can.




2 Responses to “Cardboard Icons the blog turns 7 Today”

  1. nighttimeowl Says:

    Glad you haven’t forgotten the blog! Happy 7th!

  2. Congrats on Beckett and on your blog anniversary!

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