Thrift Treasures 93: The Topps Collectors Album (binder)

Many years ago Topps released a collector’s kit which included a car collector’s album (really a three-run binder) along with some sheets. I always wanted to own one as a kid but never had a chance to acquire one.

About two years ago I ran across one in an antique store and it had a $10 price tag, but for whatever reason I balled.  And when I changed my mind and went back for it, it was gone.

Fast forward to about a week ago.  While checking one of the local thrift stores I spotted one of these binders and it was bull of binder pages filled with cards.

The price tag was $19.99 and in my mind I was not going to let this binder out f my sight again.  The contents of the binder really were a bonus.  

Well, as you can probably guess, the cards in the binder really did leave much to be desired.  It was mostly 1990 Donruss cards separated by team with a few other cards from the same era thrown in. Here are the highlights … 

A few Hall of Famers…  

A few stars of the time …   

And by far the card with the weirdest image, a 1989 Upper Deck Fernando Valenzuela.

The binder sheets were also typical poor quality of the time, so many of them were not worth keeping for my use. But there were three original Topps brand sheets inside. These were slightly different than the typical sheets because you load the card through the side of the pocket instead of on top. A few other companies tried this design too, but it never really stuck with collectors.

Total Cost of these Treasures $19.99

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