5 solid 2015 Topps Update packs: Originals, Parallels and Correa

I had checked five different Targets this week for the newly released 2015 Topps Update but had been unable to locate any. Yesterday I took my kids mini golfing and nearby there was one of my local card shops.  After going all Tiger Woods on course I hit the shop to just a few packs of Topps Update, five to be exact.

It’s not that this product is hot or anything. My desire to open a small amount of this was to chase the base Carlos Correa rookie card. Here’s a run down of the packs. Spoiler: I pulled the Correa I was seeking.

Pack 1: When I opened this pack I could see real cardboard in the middle of the pack, which excited me because I forgot about the re-released Topps Originals. The original was a 1976 Wilbur Wood, which wasn’t in too bad condition. A nice added bonus to a pack that featured an Addison Russell rookie card and Ichiro as a Marlin.   

Pack 2: When I opened this pack I saw real cardboard in the middle again and wondered if Originals were one per pack. I immediately went to the midde of the pack and found a horribly creased 1970 Tom Tischinski. I like seeing old cards released in new packs but condition has to be taken into consoderation for commons. C’mon, Topps. Now if you insert an original Willie Mays or Hank Aaron that looked like this there wouldn’t be any complaints from me.   

In the moment I was so disgusted with the condition of this card that I overlooked the Carlos Correa rookie that was in this pack. That’s a fail on my part.

Pack 3: There was no brown cardboard in this pack, so I knew I had gotten lucky in the first two packs. This was a fairly bland pack with a gold parallel of rookie Matt Andriese.

Pack 4: You don’t see that very often– two serial numbered parallels in the same pack. Not only did I get a gold Jace Peterson, but also a Pink Edinson Volquez #’d 50. And I got four more rookies for my collection.

Pack 5: Nothing real flashy here other than three rookies and a pair of inserts including one that highlights Justin Verlanders routine of having a 1,630 calorie Taco Bell meal before each start. 


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