When your LCS has an HOF rookie card you’ve been seeking, you must buy it

I have an addiction to buying baseball cards.  Yes, I said it.  I had about 40 minutes of free time Saturday while juggling a bunch of family stuff so I utilized every minute I had and made a trip to one of my local card shops, the one that has lots of vintage.

I really wasn’t sure what I was seeking, but I wanted to see a vintage Ted Williams card I almost bought a few weeks ago when I last was there.  During that trip I opted for rookies of Dom DiMaggio and Bobby Doerr instead (Post here). I probably would’ve bought the Williams today, but it was gone and I found something else I wanted.

As soon as a I stepped up to my favorite vintage showcase my eyes locked on a 1933 Goudey Bill Dickey rookie card.

As fate would have it, this was a card I had been seeking for years. Sure, they’d been available on line at various prices and condition.  But I was so happy with my last purchase here that I decided that if I was going to add Dickey to my collection, this was the perfect way to do it.

Big thanks to Stevens Creek Sports Cards in San Jose for stocking a fantastic selection of vintage cards. Buying cards in person is something this hobby seems to lack at times. 

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