Thrift Treasures 99: An auto, a variation and the Heartbreak Kid

I don’t get out to flea markets as often as I’d like, but we managed to get out this weekend.

We took the kids and some other family members to the monthly flea market at the local community college and while the kids were racking up good deals, for a while the only thing I had scored was this 1997 Playmates Figure of Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid.  

I felt like I was searching high and low for sports stuff and it just wasn’t there … At least something worth buying.

At one space I located a binder of 400 NFL cards in a binder that didn’t really intrigue me much. And then a short while later I thought I hit the jackpot as a dealer had a dozen 5,000 count boxes on his table.  Unfortunately the dealer said the prices of the cards vary from a quarter to a dollar but most of the cards were commons and massive quantities of unlicensed reprints. PASS.

But I did find a legit card table. I talked to the two guys at the table for a while and wound up with a few deals:

2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers Raisel Iglesias auto. $3.  
2015 Topps Heritage High Numbers Black and White variation John Jaso.  $5. He added the base card for free.

A pair of stamped Topps Originals and a 2015 Stadium Club gold foil Javier Baez. 3 for $1  

 A 2015 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor Nick Swisher, 2015 Topps Tek Ken Griffey Jr., 2015 Topps First Pitch Jon Hamm. 3 for $1 
Total cost of these Treasures: $10.10

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