Upgrading the ’56 Mantle

There certainly is no shortage of iconic Mickey Mantle baseball cards. He wasn’t the best player — although he certainly is in the conversation — but he is the king of the hobby. Hands down. And along with that status comes a large following for his vintage cardboard.

Many factors could play into which is your favorite.  I mean each of his cards from the 1950s and 1960s has a certain aspect that draws in a particular collector.
For me, that card is the 1956 Mantle. Of course his 51 Bowman and 52 Topps cards are more desirable, but next in line is the 56.

I added this 56 Mantle to my collection early last year for less than 10 percent of high book value, which is a standard formula I like to use when buying poor condition vintage. 

Well, not all “poor” condition cards are created equal.  A deal arose in COMC.com that I could not refuse. I went about 12-15% of high book for this one, but look at this upgrade.


The original Mantle I owned was creased beyond belief and had four “corners.” My new one has some issues, mainly some minor creases, but presents so much nicer. 


Today I am heading to the post office to ship off the old Mantle as it has already found a new home, somewhere in Arkansas. Congrats to the new owner.

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