Rookie Card Upgrade: 1972 Topps Carlton Fisk / Cecil Cooper 

Since my last post was a Red Sox rookie upgrade, I may was well follow it up with another. 

Carlton Fisk had one of the most memorable home runs in baseball history while with Boston. Here is the raw copy of his 1972 Topps rookie card, which is also the rookie card of another solid player, Cecil Cooper. Like many of the raw vintage rookies in my collection they were a bit soft.
 photo CF85FE2E-D062-4258-A7F4-173412335272_zpsbpfnbgdr.jpg

For the price of two retail blasters I managed to acquire a gorgeous copy of this card, one that I can now proudly display with my other HOF rookie cards.
 photo EDD00E70-D407-4598-838B-A5CAAFAE699D_zpskna8ujsk.jpg

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