Rookie Card Upgrade: 1909-11 t206 Christy Mathewson

So, as you are probably aware no cards produced before 1933 are technically classified as rookie cards.  That said, I have sort of adopted the t206 set as my go-to for many of the early stars of the game, such as Christy Mathewson. 

I purchased this ratty Mathewson in 2007.  It may have actually been my very first t206 card. 
 photo 7D8213A0-FB71-42E4-B367-D3C598DBD99A_zps3np7l9id.jpg

It served as a place holder in my collection until one day I could fond a suitable upgrade. Well, I found it.

Welcome to the collection my new Mathewson, graded a 3 (with subs!) by BVG.
 photo 078F2A6E-3358-4BFD-8529-849AABFBEB3A_zpsbn4kqp66.jpg

As for the older Mathewson, it already has a new home waiting for it. Hopefully the new owner enjoys it as much as I did. 

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