Error found on 24-year-old card 

I was going through a box of cards I bought at a thrift store recently for an upcoming Thrift Treasures post and came across a 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier card of Mike Bordick, card 5 in the set.
 photo 5202A72E-C5AE-4AE0-AAE1-BDCD542464BF_zpsabcdusqe.jpg
There’s Mike on the back of the card, a second-year issue. Bordick was a solid infielder for Oakland and later Baltimore.
So where’s the problem?

The front.
 photo 1F138E07-379E-4D46-9DE6-C68D6B592BCA_zpsp3geljkq.jpg
That aint Mike. It’s actually Scott Brosius, who also had a solid career that includes three World Series Championship Rings, 1998-2000, and a World Series MVP trophy in 1998.

Brosius rookie cards are in 1992. So this is sort of a cameo rookie.

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