New Elite Series inserts added; want list updated

As you may or may not know, I’ve been chasing the old school Elite Series baseball inserts.  You know, the ones from the 1990s that helped spark the insert craze. I’d previously completed the first three years of inserts — 1991-1993, including the specials and autographs — and have since moved onto the next three years.

In one of my recent shipments I received nine new inserts for my 1994-1996 sets, highlighted by the 1995 Kirby Puckett in the center of this image.

 photo B0C19646-6D3F-4FD5-888B-079F60D9D1BA_zpsvc3mg9mw.jpg

You can see my updated needs here. Have something I need?  Hit me up via e-mail (cardboardicons @ or on Twitter @cardboardicons.

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