The Topps Holiday Red Ugly Sweater parallel has arrived

Stop me if you’ve heard this before …

Card manufacturer offers themed cards for free through hobby shops related to a holiday or other occasion and people in and around the hobby complain.

They complain about lack of access to cards. (Not their fault)

They complain about uninspired design. (Matter of opinion)

They complain that the company could have used the time spent on the free cards to finish up outstanding redemptions. (Flawed argument)

That’s been the case for years, and was the case again in November/December when Topps released the Holiday 2018 promotion which offered Bowman-designed cards with fun color parallels, including this Red Ugly Sweater parallel featuring a border in the infamous sweater design.

I’m always a fan of free, special cards offered as a giveaway from the manufacturer. I don’t quite understand the pushback companies — Topps in this case — get for doing these things.

The cards were three cards per pack, and parallels were a tough find, especially the low-numbered ones.

I hit the Buy It Now when this version limited to 10 copies hit eBay last week. The card looks even better in person. I still need to track down the others for the Kershaw collection. Have one? Hit me on Twitter @cardboardicons.

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