Target’s “new” card return policy?

It was tweeted yesterday by @OACCards (Once A Cub) that he’d gone to Target and found there was a new policy in place for the return of trading cards.

As shown in the picture the policy basically is that trading and sports cards are not eligible for return, although it appears there is some wiggle room of you call the Guest Relations Hotline.

This is a welcome sight and likely will be rolled out to a store near you. We’ve all seen or heard the horror stories of buying retail boxes or packs that looked to contain the newest products, but actually housed commons that were inserted by an unscrupulous buyer who returned said item. Heck, some of us have experienced it. I had this happen in 2012 when three blasters of Bowman baseball were opened and all Chrome cards were removed — a discovery I learned the hard way. And it happened several times after that including last year when several Prism packs were found to contain run-of-the-mill base cards.

What’s interesting to note in all of this is that this policy that’s gained some attention this week is actually something that used to exist 20 years ago when I worked at Target. In fact, you were not able to return any cards or collectible toys — due in part to the volatile nature of the secondary market.

I’m sure this current policy will be prominently posted in most stores, and at some point will again be forgotten or not enforced once the shrink number have stabilized. But for now it’s great to see the retailer taking some action as the occurrences seem to be increasing.

That said, it’s in your best interest to inspect your blasters before you purchase. Sometimes thieves are burrowing holes through the bottom and removing packs, and other times they use razor blades to carefully cut the factory cellophane, and in extreme cases, the outer wrapper is being replaced completely, so make sure the company logos are printed ON THE WRAPPER.

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