The Virtual Card Shop is now open …

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago. I logged into Twitter and I saw post after post after post of people selling their cards via Twitter.

Cool idea, but …

#1: Not everyone is looking to buy cards.

#2: Such activity clogs feeds.

#3: The posts get buried and are often then presented out of order.

Like other collectors, I also have a bunch of extra stuff I wouldn’t mind selling without posting on eBay or sending to COMC and paying the consignment price. So I decided to start selling some of those lower valued cards right here on my blog. with hopes of buying new camera equipment.

And so I introduce you to the Virtual Card Shop.

In the link above I spell out the guidelines for purchasing, and link to the pages where the initial items are posted. There are a few hundred cards available so far, with lots more to come. It’s mostly inserts and parallels so far, mostly in the quarter and 50-cent range, but there will be many many more going forward. I am offering a BUY FOUR GET ONE FREE sale for items in the dime, quarter, 50 cent and $1 areas.

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