Six cards, FOUR different brand/style cases

A funny thing happened this weekend. I received a package of various 2019 Topps Heritage inserts, a lot that I really bought for one card — a Clayton Kershaw Heritage cloth sticker. The others were basically free considering what the market is for a single Kershaw card.

When I opened the package, I noticed the cards were shipped in a way that made me laugh, smile, and take a trip down memory lane.

All six cards were packaged safely in separate holders. But there were two cards in Card Saver I holders, one in a Card Saver II holder, one in a Card Guard holder (same size as Card Saver II,) and two in Ultra Pro holders that are the same size as the Card Saver I.

I legit laughed out loud, I loved the randomness. What makes it even funner is there are collectors today who never had the pleasure of storing their cards in Card Savers.

As a kid I would hound my mom for a pack of 100 Card Savers every few months. There was always that moment when I removed the tape from the wrapper and held the brand new stack of protectors in my hand, envisioning the cases filled with cards of great value.

I did the same when the Card Saver II’s were released. And then I recall seeing more and more of the Card Guard cases in the early 1990s, the boxes of course doubled as a storage box, just like the Ultra Pro ones do these days.

Of course my friends and I later switched our collections over to include Top Loaders, which initially were NOT designed to hold penny sleeve, which seems asinine when you think about it.

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