Opening Day Parallels have arrived – another reminder to stick to singles

Topps Opening Day is one of those products each year that seems to get a few of my dollars.

Most of it is the same as Flagship, but the price point makes it such a fun rip that I end up buying too much. This year was a bit different thanks in part to a retail-only mega box red exclusive that I didn’t know existed until I found the boxes at Target few weeks ago. At $15 a pop, I managed to limit myself to three of them even though I’ve have located two full displays.

I digress. I failed to pull any Kershaw parallels from them, but I tracked down the blue foil and red foil on eBay The cost? $10.50 including shipping — for both.

Just another reminder to myself that buying singles may be a better approach when chasing specific cards for my collection.

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