The joy of a podcast

No, this is not an announcement. Cardboard Icons is not starting as podcast.

Rather this quick post is to point out that I’ve been appreciating recently the podcast that Dr. James Beckett, founder and former CEO of Beckett Publications, has been putting out for the last month or two.

I found Beckett’s podcast “Sports Card Insights” last week after getting current on the other card podcasts I listen to and let me tell you, I rather enjoy what Beckett brings to the table. His style is not flashy, his method of speech may not be for everyone, and his views may be a bit old school, but for my taste this is exactly what I needed at this time in my hobby life.

I enjoy the stories and insights, love the “origin story” episodes, and dig the knowledge that this man and his guests bring. I’ll reiterate this: I needed this right now as I am very much in another hobby funk, where I am questioning what I own, why I own it, how long I should own it, how much money I spend versus the enjoyment I get out of things, and really how I am coping with the new landscape of the hobby/business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Beckett at the 2014 National in Cleveland. I was there as a freelancer for Beckett Media and I was walking the show floor with former editor Chris Olds at the time when Olds pointed him out. As it turned out, I had a reproduction copy of the first Beckett Baseball with me and three of the Topps All-Time Favorite cards in a box I was carrying. The hobby legend gave me a few moments of his day — he was going through a box buying for his collection so I appreciated the time — and he signed a few items for my collection.

In case you were wondering, I listen to two card-related podcasts at the moment, “About the Cards” and “The Hype” presented by MojoBreak. “About The Cards” is run by a few guys, two of whom I had been Twitter friends with for a few years — the third of which has become a guy I also enjoy quite a bit. Their podcast presents an enjoyable format for my tastes. And MojoBreak is one of the largest online breakers and seeing as how they are located about 10 minutes from my house I feel like I need to support them.

I have also listened to Chris Harris in his one episode and would totally listen to more if they ever come. I have tried SportsCardRadio but I’ll be honest, it’s just not my taste — the focus is on a lot of the negative aspects. And while the information can be good, it also detracts from my ability to enjoy the hobby. It’s a personal taste. And occasionally I’ll peak in on “GoGTS Live” with Rob and Ivan, but it’s not a show I consume at this time, of course that’s not to say I never will.

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