Thrift Treasures 121: Pay It Forward

Last week I popped into a thrift store I hadn’t visited in a while. It’s a chain store, one that I enjoy, but the company had closed all other local locations over the last year so that’s put a damper on my thrift adventures.

Nonetheless on this trip it did not disappoint as I found two bags of football cards, which from the looks of things obviously had atypical content for a thrift store.

We’ll just cut right to the chase. These bags were $3.99 each and contained about 50-75 cards, and both bags contained ink. The prize of the bags was this Brock Osweiler Upper Deck Rookie Patch Auto featuring a swatch of player-worn Jersey from Arizona State University.

My intention was to sent it to COMC with my next batch. But when I posted a picture of the find on Twitter, Scott, (@SBergerBoston) an ASU fan, hit me up about a trade. I was kind of lukewarm on the idea but I figured it was worth discussing. I mean it’s not like the Osweiler was going to net me a small fortune.

So Scott and I engaged in early trade talks. And out of nowhere a good friend of mine, Tom ( @TommyDubbs46 ), pointed out that he knew both of us.

I’ve known Tom through social media/eBay BECAUSE OF CARDS since 1998; and Tom pointed out that he knew Scott for seven years.

I knew pretty much at that the Card I found just needed to be placed into a bubblemailer and sent to Scott, but I wanted it to be a surprise.

Scott told me he didn’t have anything I was seeking but he was willing to dig for something else.

But I ignored him … Because that’s what you do when you’re trying to stall.

Tom provided me with Scott’s address and for five days I was feeling bad, half expecting Scott to be upset that our DMs went cold.

But Scott reached out on Wednesday when the package arrived, thanking me for the card. He was surprised. Turns out Scott really digs Brock Osweiler.

This is a perfect example of why I justify my thrift searches. You never know what you’ll find; what you’ll save from destruction, and in some cases what you’ll be able to place into someone’s personal collection. It’s not always about financial profit; sometimes the experience is your profit.

Total cost of this Thrift Treasure: $7.98.

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2 Responses to “Thrift Treasures 121: Pay It Forward”

  1. sanjosefuji Says:

    Finding that Osweiler autographed patch card was cool. Sending it to that ASU fan was even cooler.

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