All of the good cards are gone … (Topps Million Card Rip Party)

The funny thing about large publicity events like the Topps Million Card Rip Party is that it often brings about negative feelings for those who aren’t involved.

I’ll say this: I was not involved. I wasn’t there and didn’t buy into a break. I did watch a bit on YouTube but had to turn it off because it was causing me anxiety. It looked like chaos, was loud, and honesty, Flagship Topps isn’t really breaker friendly so it was a lot of quick rip and filler chatter between the hits. As I noted on Twitter, the Rip Party wasn’t for me … and that’s Ok. I hold no negative feelings about it.

But the real purpose of this post today is that there is also the notion that all of the good cards are gone since so much of the stuff was ripped at one time. We saw some very nice cards come from some packs.

It’s true there was a lot of product ripped yesterday. But whether it happened in one place or across the country over the course of a day or two, all of that stuff would have been opened this week anyway. Topps flagship is ripped in mass quantity — and it still will be — and at least we know that the cards actually exist.

If you are on the side that believes all of the good stuff is gone, I offer this alternative point: At least you already know that certain 1 of 1s are off the table. Because a lot of those get pulled and put into personal collections and don’t show up on social media feeds So that can lead to folks questioning if they’re still in the wild.

Flagship Topps is about the base cards — that’s why there is so much produced. The rare hits are really a bonus for those ripping, and the fact that some of them are no longer in packs should not deter you from buying the product if you wanted it in the first place.

3 Responses to “All of the good cards are gone … (Topps Million Card Rip Party)”

  1. Base Card Hero Says:

    I watched a little bit too. You are correct, it is hard to watch people open tons of flagship. It’s just not what it is meant for.

    Even with all those cases ripped, this stuff will still easily be available a year from now. Heritage comes out in a few weeks and all this excitement will move to that.

  2. The rip is not what would watch. I don’t care for flagship.

  3. sanjosefuji Says:

    Great post. I think it’s pretty cool that Topps organized this giant pack opening party… but honestly it’s not my thing. If I end up falling in love with this year’s set design, i’ll probably just buy a factory set. As for the hits, if I see them for a buck or two, I’ll grab them. Otherwise they’re meant to be in other collections.

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