Panini Points ARE Poop … but at least we got this basketball HOF Auto

Last year I ran into a deal of a lifetime when I came up on a stash of 2018-19 a Prizm basketball at a discounted price. The boxes yielded an epic Luka Link Ouksar rookie, a silver Trae Young and a slew of other good stuff.

But one of my favorite memories of that break was when my kids and nephew broke out into a “Points are Poop” chant.

We were set to get an auto or relic in each box, yet in three boxes we wound up with three 150 Point Panini Points cards.

I checked the site and didn’t see anything worth obtaining immediately so I let the points sit. I hadn’t really checked the stock on the site in a while but would up looking about two weeks ago when I logged in to enter a Kevin Durant redemption card that my son pulled from a 2019-20 Donruss blaster.

Among the cards we saw on the points site was that is Golden State Warriors Legend Chris Mullin. The card came from Immaculate, so in my mind there was already some build in value given that the price point for that product is pretty high.

So I snapped up the Mullin, paid the shipping — which is an asinine practice if you ask me — and yesterday the Mullin arrived.

Points are STILL poop, but at least it helped facilitate a deal that brought home a Warriors HOFer.

3 Responses to “Panini Points ARE Poop … but at least we got this basketball HOF Auto”

  1. Base Card Hero Says:

    It’s so rare to find good cards with Panini points. I sat on 500 points for almost a year before giving in and settling on something.

    You lucked out. On-card autograph too!

  2. I got 150 in a Contenders draft box where I should’ve gotten a draft auto. Worst box I ever opened.

  3. sanjosefuji Says:

    Don’t think too many collectors enjoy pulling Panini Points over actual autographs. But if they were extra bonuses, they’d be pretty cool. Mullin is a nice choice.

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