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Thrift Treasures 121: Pay It Forward

November 13, 2019

Last week I popped into a thrift store I hadn’t visited in a while. It’s a chain store, one that I enjoy, but the company had closed all other local locations over the last year so that’s put a damper on my thrift adventures. Nonetheless on this trip it did not disappoint as I found […]

Thrift Treasures 120: The Best of the American League

November 8, 2019

Real quick hitter today. I had about an hour to spare on Wednesday between drop off time at school and an award assembly in which my son and nephew were receiving accolades in math so I make a quick run to a Goodwill I hadn’t been to in several months. As I scoured the shelves, […]

Thrift Treasures 119: Colin Kaepernick signed “Salute to Service” hat

September 12, 2019

This has been a really interesting week. Sort of out of nowhere I found myself in the market for a new (to us) dresser for my kids. The one we’ve had for the last few years broke and no longer held the drawers properly so I was faced with buying a new one, or looking […]

Thrift Treasures 118: Hobby time capsule for $9.99

August 15, 2019

Few things bring me as much joy as finding discarded hobby gems at the thrift store for less than the price of a handful of modern packs. It’s easy to get sucked into paying $3, $4, or $5 for a pack of cards at retail hoping to pull something that makes you feel like a […]

Thrift Treasures 117: Michael Jeffrey Jordan x 700-ish

May 1, 2019

Remember that time Michael Jordan retired at the peak of his basketball career and decided to play baseball? If you were alive and a sports fan in the 1990s you surely remember this. The Jordan-baseball connection actually started a few years before his “retirement” and it and it was famously chronicled on the 1991 Upper […]